How you can help collect can tabs

It's easy, fun and for a great cause!

Collect can tabs all year from family, friends, neighbors and work.
Collecting can tabs is easy. Getting people to remember to save their tabs is hard. So we'll try and make that easy for you too.

Official Thirsty Lizards Can Tab Flyer Click here to print our Official Thirsty Lizard Can Tab Flyer.
Then tape, staple, glue, cement, thumb tack, paste, afix, silly-puddy, nail or otherwise attach this flyer next to your collection container.

We found that plastic baggies or plastic bowls work well. If you are collecting tabs in a high traffic area, then possibily even a pail would work well. Make sure to drop a few of your own can tabs in the container to "prime the pump".

Monitor your tab collection center(s) regularly. When your container is half full, off-load your stash to a home container for safe keeping. You don't want people thinking you have collected enough - as we can never collect enough can tabs for the kids.

Some good places to collect can tabs
  • home
  • work
  • schools
  • dormitories
  • camp
  • restaurants
  • bars
  • liquor stores
  • grocery stores
  • can redemption centers
  • social clubs
  • business clubs
  • community clubs
  • town pools
  • picnics
  • sporting events
  • BBQs
  • parties

Thanks for helping us to help the kids.

Shriners Hospital for Children logoShriners Hospitals for Children in Springfield and Boston have been collecting pull-tabs or “pop-tops” from beverage cans since 1989, recycling them, and putting the money toward programs that directly benefit children. Since its inception, about a half-million pounds of aluminum tabs have been collected and recycled.

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